Remote technical support

Bridging the gap: online trainings

While in Europe data on Covid-19 infections seem to be on the decline, in other countries of the world the spread of the pandemic has not yet shown significant slowdowns. Where a state of emergency remains and in person trainings are not allowed, it is essential to be able to offer the customer a prompt technical support even remotely.

Virtual classrooms and personalized technical support

For some months now, the Technical Service Metaltronica team has been organizing remote training sessions that take place in a virtual classroom, allowing distributors and partners to acquire the necessary know-how and the right skills to then manage any maintenance and technical assistance operations at their end customers in total autonomy.

The service department’s laboratory has been suitably equipped to simulate first aid cases and analyse the technical specificities of digital and analog mammography equipment. The use of pre-recorded videos, as well as live footage, allows our service team to clearly explain all the installation and calibration phases of the devices
At the end of the technical training, the records of all sessions are fully available to participants. In addition to the contents covered, the records will include both the questions asked by the participants and the answers from the teachers, who are always ready to clarify any doubts.
Finally, the videos, appropriately subtitled, are shared with the class so that the information remains available in the future and is easily understandable even after a long time.
The positive feedback from customers and distributors has confirmed that a remote training activity guarantees, if not even improves, the personalization of technical support and, at the same time, offers them a significant reduction in time and costs.